Individual Portraits in Oil

Michael Tree

Mr Tree and his Delightful Home

Michael is the archetypal country gent, he has a jovial disposition and his eyes are always smiling. Michael loves history and most days can be found lovingly restoring his beautiful country home: in which he is pictured here surrounded by his antiques. Outside is a lake in which he has indulged his great passion of nature, by filling it with new life in the form of numerous trout.


Zoe and Darcey

Zoe is looking disapprovingly at the oh so innocent face of Darcy, who moments before had been found tearing apart Zoe’s wardrobe with wilful abandon. Zoë loves all animals and often takes Darcy out with her horse as the two compete for her attention, Darcy usually wins though as she proudly rolls in the nearest manure pile in order to smell better for her strangely exasperated owner.


Lindsey and Carmen

Lindsey is a deeply caring, warm hearted lady with a jolly disposition. She has a great love of nature and animals. In light of this it wouldn’t surprise you that she is a long time vegetarian (we’re talking about 50 years!) and she can often be found foraging for wild mushrooms and garlic in the countryside in Mid Wales. She is painted here with her wonderfully tame chicken Carmen, who in exchange for organic chicken feed and a charmed life provides Lindsey with fresh eggs every day.


Contemplation in the Shadows


Lewis and his TV dinners

Lewis is a hard worker who’s job is often rather manual, so after a hard day sometimes he likes to zone out in front of the telly with his dinner. Often the programme he chooses is the snooker, which his family can’t see the interest in, but as you can see from his face he is engrossed!


Contemplation in the Shadows 2

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