Parent and Child Oil Paintings

2017_Michael and Alex

Sail Away With Me

It’s normally all fun and games for Alex and cheeky little monkey Michael but sometimes all that fun is just too exhausting, when Michael is overcome by a wave of sleepiness Alex scoops him up in his arms and they sail away together rocking gently on the sleepy ship.

2017_12 Sophie and Matilda

Sophie and Matilda

Matilda Gibbon was born with a full head of brown luscious hair which was no surprise as all baby Gibbons are hairy. She spends her days chatting in her own baby language to people and laughing as she goes along, a trait most certainly inherited from her joyous mother.


Sarah and Bronwen

Despite being a first time mother, Sarah exudes the calm of a seasoned professional. With Bronwen under one arm and a brew in the other they calmly tackle the tasks that mother and babyhood present. There is often time for some funny faces, giggles and love. And when Bronwen dozes off sometimes there is time for a book


Helen and Erin

In the calm of the morning Erin is nourished with her mothers milk. Her energy is restored and a day of learning and observing lies ahead.  This precious time is fleeting, but the bond created now remains forever.

charlie and pJ

Charlie and PJ

Charlie is pictured here with her second child P.J. As a young but budding climber, the sofa is a cliff face and his mum is an abseiling tower. She is not the mum who wraps her children in bubble wrap and as a result she has two impressively dextrous and confident children. She catches a moment between his adventures and she scoops him up for some much appreciated affection before he heads off to do his sofa dive.

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